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CHM - Car History Management

0.99 usd

You can record/edit the maintenance history or fueling information.You can also make own category for management, and manage variety of information.【Main function】◆Management of car information・Registration and management of car information・You can register any number of cars
◆Management of fueling information (mileage record)・Graph display・Display the average・Display the list of the fueling history・Add/edit/delete the fueling history
◆Management of maintenance history・Management of the category of item maintenance (Maintenance objects can be added as needed.)・Display the list of the maintenance history・Add/edit/delete the maintenance history
◆Notice function (alarm)・Notice function can be set for each category ・Set by mileage or time ・notification on/off *For each maintenance objects, noticed when the timing comes. *Added maintenance objects are also set the alarm.
◆Replace the cars or category・Each subjects of car list can be replaced・Category on the TOP screen can be replaced・Each subjects of maintenance history can be replaced
◆Buckup function・Buckup・Restore